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H. Scott Clemente, MA, MPsy - NVC Dallas


My name is Scott and I identify as a consulting sociologist.

I have been practicing and living Nonviolent Communication (NVC) since 2007, as well as providing NVC-based services since 2010. I am a Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer Candidate and have completed all CNVC requirements for certification (still awaiting official certification).

NVC and the Social Sciences

I have the sense that every NVC practitioner/trainer “takes up” NVC differently and approaches it from a slightly different perspective.

Coming from a social science perspective, the roots of NVC arise out of the humanistic movement in the social sciences and the field of conflict, and I first became aware of it through my sociological studies in that field. NVC also grew out of the "interactionist/constructionist" approaches in the social sciences. These approaches state that the way we communicate and interact shape and affect our relationship to people and the world around us.

NVC Learning and Experience

The CNVC encourages an in-depth learning and knowledge of the theories, concepts, and processes of NVC. Therefore, I ensure that I can demonstrate and apply all of the following:

Additional Experience:

Social Change

The CNVC also emphasizes individuals choosing to focus on particular areas or contexts to create social change. Therefore, in addition to working with individuals and groups supporting their learning, I have spent almost a decade in the field of conflict resolution, as well as working with organizations, communities, and neighborhoods. While I share in CNVC’s desire for more learning of NVC, I have found utilizing and applying NVC skills/principles (“being NVC”) is often how I create the most change in the areas on which I focus.

With NVC, in the field of conflict:...

At the same time, because I have a sense of respect for the field of conflict and want the trust of others in that field, I also am a:

With NVC, I have also worked with organizations and communities, helping with organizational development:

Because I have a sense of respect for organizations and want the trust of others when working with organizational development, I also have:


Because I care deeply about the people I serve and want to ensure that I can care for their growth and wellbeing, I have spent over eight years in school, more broadly studying the “human condition,” in ways that align with my views of the NVC principles.

With sociology:

Additionally, I identify with the “interactionist” perspective of sociology, which I see as aligned with the NVC perspective of the world. The interactionist perspective states:

I also earned a master’s degree in psychology, with a humanistic focus. While humanistic psychology reminds me to never forget that individuals are always at the heart of groups, my work is informed largely by symbolic interactionist-based sociology and social psychology.