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H. Scott Clemens, MA, MPsy - NVC Dallas

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Nonviolent Communication (NVC) background:
  • Practicing NVC since 2007
  • Providing professional NVC-based services since 2009
  • Completed NVC Certified Trainer program, awaiting receipt of certification credential
  • Completed multiple trainings with Marshall Rosenberg (NVC founder)
  • Received over 300 hours of NVC training
  • Created and facilitated over 700 hours of NVC group trainings and workshops
  • Provided over 500 hours of individualized NVC training


Specializing in conflict with interpersonal, family, & organizational situations, & select legal cases:
  • Providing professional conflict management and resolution services since 2010
  • Certified Conflict Management Specialist, with supervised internship (900+ hours of training or 25 credit hours)
  • Credentialed Advanced Mediator (over 140 mediations and conciliations)
  • Trained mediator in the State of Texas (required 40 hours of training in Texas)
  • Trained family mediator in the State of Texas (additional 24 hours of required training)
  • NVC serves as the foundation for my communication in mediation
  • Experienced with “complex” conflict, where there is increased emotional intensity or when a group is involved
Organizational development consulting:
  • Providing professional organizational and leadership consulting since 2010
  • Previously directly managed teams in business and IT for over 10 years
  • Education provides unique insight into both groups (sociology) and individuals (psychology)
  • Helping organizations apply the principles of NVC within their organization
  • Sociology, Bachelor’s, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Sociology, Master’s, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Psychology, Master’s, University of Dallas, (focus on humanistic psychology)
Professional identity and affiliations:
  • Identify as a consulting sociologist (also called practice-oriented or clinical sociologist)
  • Member of the Association for Applied & Clinical Sociology*
  • Member of the American Sociological Association*
(*membership does not imply organization’s supervision or endorsement)

Since 2007, I have been passionate about helping individuals, organizations, and communities build strong and sustaining relationships and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) has been integral to that work. For me, NVC is more than just a set of communication skills—it is a way of thinking about and perceiving the world. I enjoy not only helping others learn how to communicate using NVC, I also enjoy helping individuals and organizations use “NVC thought” to apply the principles of NVC to change the world around them.

I also hold both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in sociology, with an additional master’s degree in psychology (humanistic), and I identify as a consulting sociologist (also sometimes called a practice-oriented sociologist or clinical sociologist). As a consulting sociologist, I "intervene" to help people, using social theory, research methods, and practical skills. I strive to be an "agent of change" in the world and I am passionate about transmitting that ability to others, so that they can be an “agent of change" in their own world. The person-centered approach of NVC is fundamental to the work I do and the way I interact with people, both personally and professionally.