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NVC Academy Theme of the Month

CNVC Certified Trainer, Bren Hardt (Brenham / Houston)

As a life long teacher and
peace advocate, I cherish the
opportunity to share Compas-
sionate Communication with
others as I see it as empower-
ing each of us to “be the
change we wish to see” for
a peaceful world. I feel hopeful when thinking how these tools contribute to harmony, collaboration and connection in all my relationships. My special desire is for children to be connected to the beauty and power that is within them. That's why I'm passionate about supporting parents, grandparents, caregivers and teachers. I’d like us to move from the “power-over” strategies to “power-with” where everyone’s needs are valued and we see the tremendous power and joy involved in enriching life cooperatively. When I meet so many people wanting to use their power in this way, I have great hope.

A few organizations I have shared NVC with include:
o    The City of Houston and HISD’s LINK UP Conference in 2006, 2007, 2008
o    A National Conference on justice of The United Methodist Church 2008
o    The 2009 International Conference for Unitarian Universalist Women
o    St. Catherine’s Montessori School