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NVC Academy Theme of the Month

Fort Worth and Arlington Classes - Communication Skills to Enhance Relations

by Owen Kinser 24. September 2013 12:18

Two Workshops this Fall

Put into practice skills of Empathy, Expressing Oneself and Resolving Conflicts beginning Saturday September 28th,

     for those with a basic understanding of Compassionate Communication

Four Saturdays 10 am – noon and one Sat 9-3pm
Location: Harmony Fellowship
824 Pennsylvania Avenue
Fort Worth, Texas 76104

Intro Class and Book study

   for anyone wanting an introduction to the method

“Connecting Across Differences” (Finding Common Ground with Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime) beginning Sunday October 6th
Four Sundays - 1:30-3:30pm
Location: Garden Lane Center at
Unity Arlington
2407 Garden Lane


All classes and workshops are based on the method of Nonviolent Communication CNVC.org - Thanks to the founder of NVC Marshall Rosenberg


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by Taylor Duvall 11. January 2012 23:46
[No text]


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We Can Work it Out Workshop & Book Study - Dallas, Texas

by Taylor Duvall 8. October 2011 15:49
  • We Can Work It Out Workshop and Book Study – Facilitated by Taylor Duvall

We Can Work It Out.pdf (296.14 kb)


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NVC DFW 2012 events

by Taylor Duvall 26. September 2011 11:44

"Listening is a Journey - The Art of Deep Listening."  

March 1 -29th at  7 -9pm

Center for Spiritual Living, Dallas

"The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place."— George Bernard Shaw

Start an awareness practice to communicate in alignment with your Spiritual Principles

You will take away the following -
  • Tools to create space for dialog (not monologues) using Nonviolent Communication
  • Learn to check for understanding before preceeding
  • Practice exercises to stay 'present' in casual conversations or conflict

Grow STOP Consciousness: Stop Taking Others Personally which makes life more wonderful for you and others!


Taylor Duvall & Scott Clemens 

CNVC Certification Candidates offering mediation, conflict coaching and local workshops.

Scott facilitates the Dallas Compassionate Communication weekly practice group at Unity Church of Dallas. In March, Taylor will be hosting a virtual Book Study and Author Interview series on "Respectful Parents Respectful Kids" at www.NVC Academy.com.

$100 or $25 per class for Drop-Ins

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