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NVC Academy Theme of the Month

Welcome to NVC-DFW (Arlington / Dallas / Ft. Worth)

We are a group of experienced Nonviolent Communication (NVC) facilitators and organizers who provide NVC related training and services in the DFW area (Arlington, Dallas, and Ft. Worth).   There is a growing community of people who are commited to this awaremess practice and variety communication skills to improve relationships in work, personal lives and for communities.

Today, there is a group of 5 of us, each have unique backgrounds, who offer specific services beyond training which include private one-on-one session, mediation, group facilitation for yourself, your company or community.  To find out more detailed information about each of us follow the links above.

If you are interested in learning more about NVC (also called Nonviolent Communication or Compassionate Communication), you find detailed information from the CNVC website here.

If you are looking to learn NVC, then see the list of upcoming NVC events below. If you are wanting to deepen your learning and practice, then you can find out about practice groups in Dallas and Arlington.

CONTACT US:  If you are interested in more information or one-on-one training or a specific service, contact a facilitator in your area:

Arlington  -   Dallas  -   Ft. Worth